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Are we REALLY connecting online?

Connecting with others is one of the keys to happiness. We are unhappy when we feel ‘disconnected’. There has been a  deep rooted belief inside of me that we are not really connecting with people when we are online.  The connections that are established online are on a superficial level.  As I skimmed through that oh-so-addictive site ‘Pinterest’ this evening, I came across an image of hand held devices which had been thrown in a basket with a sticky note that read “BE with the friends you are here with” (or something along those lines). To me, the perfect example of the lack of REAL connection that technology cannot give us is this:

Have you ever tried to DANCE with someone online? In my experience, partner dancing is all about connection.  And this kind of connection cannot be achieved without ‘person-to-person’ contact.  It is so easy to pretend you are someone you are not when communicating on line. This is much harder to do when you are dancing with a partner.  I’d love to hear your opinions on this..

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