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Soupstock in T.O. Coming October 21

A little while ago I shared a post about The Art of Protest. I belong to a group called Artists Against The Mega Quarry. The basics are that there is a large corporation company buying up the incredible farmland where I grew up so they can dig a laaaaarrggee (2 316 acre) hole in the ground to access limestone. This mega quarry will be 200 ft. below the water table right in the midst of the headwaters for a number of significant river systems that provide many Ontarians with clean healthy water. (Cited from NDACT. Please see their web-site for more information:

Last year, Artists Against The Mega Quarry attended FOODSTOCK, an fabulous event that was held directly at the site of the proposed quarry. Thousands of people gathered to share their support for the local farmers and residents, but also for the wildlife and the land itself which feeds us. Many people were bused down from Toronto. The whole sight brought tears to my eyes, it was so wonderful.

Mark your calendars, because I think this year’s event could be even better!! Presented by The Canadian Chef’s Council and The David Suzuki Foundation, Soupstock is coming to Toronto on October 21, 2012 at Woodbine Park. Once again, Canadian chefs will be preparing amazing food using local ingredients. Funds raised will go to the David Suzuki Foundation to be used to build a community of support for stopping the proposed Melancthon Mega Quarry and for other environmental and food related issues. And of course, Artists Against The Mega Quarry will be there showcasing their passionate work.

If this proposal goes through, it will have devastating effects on our environment now and in the future. It will open the doors for other similar mega proposals. We need to send the message now: The Land is crucial to human well-being. The land is not ours. We belong to the land. HELP SAY ‘NO’ TO THE MELANCTHON MEGA QUARRY.

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