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Food and Water First

PEOPLE FOR FOOD AND WATER from Jason van Bruggen on Vimeo.

Food and Water First is a movement to ensure that policies are put into place to protect our food and water sources. I am proud to say I was raised in these beautiful surroundings. I didn’t appreciate it then, but now I understand the life-giving forces of the land I grew up in.

The Art of Protest | In The Hills

I am a member of an Art Group called “Artists Against the Mega Quarry”. The current issue of “In The Hills” holds a feature of our protest against this horrendous proposal to dig Canada’s largest quarry by Highland Company. It would be complete devastation if this proposal goes through. I am so grateful for the organizers of all of the different events that have occurred so far to bring awareness to this subject. For more information about the Mega Quarry, click on the link below.

The Art of Protest | In The Hills.

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