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Having A Hard Time Letting Go?

The full moon in November has just passed and with it have come a lot of strong energies to help us release and let go of things that no longer serve us in our lives. If you are anything like me, you find yourself time and time again feeling bogged or weighed down; feeling that heaviness on your shoulders and the back of your neck, or maybe somewhere else in your body. A great indication that you are holding on to stuff that is having a negative impact on your well-being.

let go

“Letting Go” can be much easier said than done, but don’t lose hope. In this video I have included some steps to get you started using a fun/simple Art Journaling activity. Believe me, it takes no artistic skill to do this exercise, nor does it take any fancy shmancy art tools. What is DOES take is willingness. Willingness to become AWARE of what you are holding on to (or a willingness to bring that knowledge to your awareness), and a Willingness to release those things that are holding you down. Ready? Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Grab Some Materials

Option 1:

  • Art Journal
  • Watercolour Markers or Paints
  • A round object to trace that will fit into your art journal
  • water
  • wide paint brush (or watercolour brushes)
  • paper towel
  • Something to write with after the water colour has dried

Option 2:

Grab ANY materials! Don’t have an art journal? Use a piece of paper. In one of my samples I do use watercolour markers, but if all you have is a pencil, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! Grab what you have (pens, markers, crayons, pencil crayons, whatever) and do what you can, because it’s time to LET GO..

Step 2: Find a Space Where You Can Watch The Video (or just follow the steps here) and Create

Preferably a space where you will not be disturbed/interrupted, but hey, like I said earlier, doing something is better than doing nothing, and I know there are many of you who have pets or children or spouses etc. that just can’t leave you alone, so do your best. However, anything you CAN do to lessen distractions is better. (Eg. turn off phone and email notifications, bolt the door, arrange for soundproof walls, etc. etc.)

Step 3: Get Your Journal Prepped

Always put your date in your journal.  It helps you keep track of your progress (and yes you are making progress, even if it doesn’t feel like it. I was once told we go in a spiral, which means we NEVER end up in exactly the same place we were before. Ahhh…doesn’t that feel good?

Now trace your round object in the middle of your page or spread out between 2 journal pages if you are like me and have a LOT to let go of.  We are working with Full Moon energy here, even if it isn’t a full moon at the moment (there is no bad time to let go of things that are not doing you any good).  At the top, write the words “I Now Release” or “I Am Ready to Let Go” or “Letting Go”…whatever feels good for you. **Be sure to use something that is resistant to water if you are going to use watercolours over top. If you are using water soluble markers or ink, you may want to write this AFTER you have added a watercolour background.

Step 4: Meditate on What to Release/Let Go Of

If you are using water colour, fill in your moon now and your sky around it. Rather than getting caught up in how it looks, use this time to focus on those words” “I Now Release”. Let thoughts come to you as you put paint on the page. Watercolour is the perfect medium for this, as it is less easy to control than other types of paint. It really reminds you to ‘Go With The Flow’. Repeat the words “I Now Release” in your mind and let thoughts and images come up.

If you are not using watercolour, you can imagine yourself holding a big heavy bag of things that you need to let go of. Each time you think “I Release” reach into the bag and see what comes out. REMEMBER NOT TO JUDGE IT. Your higher Self, or Inner Wise Being is telling you this is something you need to let go of. You may find things like jealousy, anger, resentment, unhealthy habits, negative thought patterns like “I don’t deserve” etc.It might not be easy, but keep going.

Step 5: Write It All Down with Gratitude

You can do this as things come up or after; it doesn’t matter. It will still be there. (And more may come up as the days progress). As you write down your thoughts and ideas, become aware of your feelings and level of resistance. Thank whatever it is that has come up, for it has served you somehow on your journey-taught you lessons, made you stronger, brought you to awareness of what you DON’T want etc. Write it however and wherever you want on your page. Take 5 min. or 5 hours…whatever you need.

Step 6: Visualize Yourself Letting Go

You may picture the words you write vanishing into the page and the moon’s energy carrying those things from you. You may also picture yourself standing in the rain and having these things washed away from you (or you can literally go have a shower). You can walk outside and let the breeze or wind carry these things from you, or again, picture that happening. You can picture yourself handing that big bag over to someone you trust: Your Higher Being, God/The Universe/Creator, your Guardian Angel, or a tangible person such as a grandparent, mentor, or some person who supports you. Notice your resistance as you hand it over or are letting it wash away. What are you still trying to hold on to? How do you feel it is still serving you? What are you afraid of? It’s okay. Let it go. Your Higher Self knows. It will all be okay. There are better ways. There is something better for you. Thank what or whoever you gave your ‘stuff’ to, and feel the weight of these burdens lift from your body. You may feel lighter, freer. Or this may take some time. That’s okay. There’s no rush. Just know that you have taken steps in the right direction.

Step 7: Congratulate Yourself/Celebrate

You did it! Congratulations! Just know that all of this is not going to happen over night, and indeed sometimes it is a life long process, but you have put it in your intentions and taken some steps. I am proud of you! Now go do something nice for yourself. Have a bath, go for a walk, dance, drink some nice clean water, and do whatever relaxes you.

Sending So Much Love,

Monarch Mariposa

Lessons Learned FROM my Art Journaling Students

I have just finished teaching a fabulous 6 week art journaling course with some absolutely WONDERful Women!  It was such a pleasure to join these LOVEly ladies on Wednesday evenings for the past month and a half (!)

My intent was to inspire these women to ‘let loose’ and get lost in the process of creating.  Mission accomplished! But not on my behalf-on theirs!  I was constantly inspired by the women in this group and their ability to release any inhibitions and let their creativity flow.

It was truly a pleasure to meet all of these kind and wonderful souls.  Here is some of the fun we had:

And our final class tonight, a Christmas theme.  I tell you I showed these ladies one simple thing and they went to town!!!  Watching them create brought so much joy!  And metallic acrylics…..yummmmmmm!

The Power of Play!

Uuuuggggghhhhh…..had so much fun creating both the final stages of this painting and the video!! I am so grateful for this whole experience. A lot of healing and inner growth came with it. The painting is entitled “Riding Out The Storm”. When you stop and look around, there are so many happenings around you just waiting to inspire. This painting originated from a picture I took at the Toronto Jazz and Blues Festival last year. It started to rain, so everyone ran for shelter. But this lady was quite comfy under the protection of a tree, and she was not about to let a little rain ruin her good book!! The whole thing reminds me of the expression “life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” (Author?) Enjoy the video. Please feel free to leave your comments.

Sending Rays of LOVE,

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