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LEF Spring Into Wellness Fair

What a wonderful experience I had at the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto! There was entertainment, live workshops, people interacting, mingling and helping each other out and lots of fabulous exhibitors.  My favourite part was having people come and interact at my exhibit to make a collaborative mandala.  Watching people ‘let go’ and get into their creations was heart-warming.  In fact, I almost cried watching the smaller children create.  What happens to our sense of play as we get older????!!!!  I did not take pictures of the people, however, out of respect for their privacy.  I got a couple of shots of the mandala being made, but not of the final!!!!! The kind people at LEF kept it though, to display at their facility.  Blessed, Blessed.  In so many ways I am blessed.  Truly grateful for this opportUNITY!

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