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Pep Talk from Kid President-This is one Inspiring Little Dude!

My son introduced me to Kid President today. Wow! This young man has a lot of great advice to share. So watch the video and share it with YOUR loved ones 🙂 Thank you Kid President! I am endlessly delighted at the brilliance that shines from children. They provide us with a reminder to drop all the ‘negative self-talk’ and worry, and just DO, and to just BE. It’s wonderful that Kid President has had such wonderful guidance. This is what we need to keep doing for our children.

Many Blessings,

Running From Imperfection

Hmmm…Realization: Once upon a time I was able to let go and just be “lost in the fun”. Of course it helped to have friends (a special one in particular) to make those fun moments and really not care what anyone else thought. That was cool. And then, somewhere along the line that perception disappeared; the perception that life could be just a big ball of fun and inhibitions were released. I mean, I know it was like that before the age of 2 or 3, but I remember feeling that very strongly as a teenager as well. Then suddenly I was running from imperfection. I had to please everybody (EV-ER-Y-BO-DY!!) I wonder when that all began? And when did I actually start to run a marathon? I’m tired of running. I think it’s time to stop running and you know, enjoy life again. I think I’ll dance instead.

Sending L-O-V-E,

Never, Never Give Up

We all need to hear this frequently. Sending love, love, love..MM

Today’s Free Hug!

Well, this is about 10 free hugs in one really! So many great messages that we can never hear too often. You ARE in control of your future…and it begins NOW 🙂 Many, many blessings. Now get out there and unleash your potential!

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