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Sharing is Gooood!

I attended my first Energy Share today at Debra Jones’ “Riverside” Natural Healing Centre in Hornings Mills, Ontario. For those who don’t know what an Energy Share is, it is where people who have different healing techniques (or anything that spread positive vibes really) get together and share skills and experiences with one another. It is a great way to get to know people with common interests, practice your skills, and RECEIVE energy as well. To top it all off, we all bring delicious food and we have a pot luck. (Although I had to leave early THIS TIME, so I missed out on the yummies). Oh yeah, AND this one just happens to take place in an absolutely gorgeous setting (I almost cried at the scenery on my drive there).

It was such a gift and an honour to not only have the opportunity to share my passion for Expressive Arts with others, but to learn about the wonderful things that other people are doing to make the world a better place as well. Such a wonderful way to start my day. I leave you with a few inspiring pictures..and many blessings.

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