Transforming Our World Through The Arts

For The Children

Children are a valuable part of our world-they remind us what it is to wonder, explore, play, imagine and discover.  The joy they get out of doing things is contagious, inspiring and engaging.  We all know that our children will shape the future Earth-it is well worth while putting our time and effort into teaching AND LEARNING from them!

Instead of judging children for their seeming ‘troublesome characteristics’ I think it’s time to put them in a positive light.  When a child does something that is apparently ‘non-compliant’ or ‘defiant’ it is because they are either suffering tremendously and looking for a way to express themselves, or they are completely engaged in their own ‘reality’ which is entirely different from ours.  We are all innocent. Adults make mistakes too.  It is time we begin to teach tolerance and respect by being tolerant and respectful.

One of my favourite authors and role-models on the topic of parenting/caring for children is Barbara Colorosso. She states that “because they are children and for no other reason they have dignity and worth simply because they are…”.

Another man I am gaining deep respect for (although I still have more research to do) is Richard Louv, and his theory on Nature Deficit Disorder.  His ideas resonate strongly with my own, and I plan on doing more work and research and projects around this topic.

This page will be dedicated specifically to issues surrounding children, self-esteem, the arts and social and environmental justice.  As always, feel free to browse and comment.


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