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Reasons Why Dance Is Good


There are so many reasons why dance is good!  The list on the image above is sufficient enough, but is certainly not comprehensive.  Of all the reasons I have come across, here are MY personal favourites:

1. Exercise + FUN! Exercise that’s FUN?! Enough said!


2. Dance Brings People Together!  We all want connection, but the fast-paced lifestyle we have chosen has led many of us to become disconnected.  Sure, we ‘connect’ over social networking sites many, many times a day, but are we REALLY connecting?  One of the original intents of dance in historical societies (and still is in many global cultures) is to bring communities together in a form of celebration.  We meet face to face, body to body, soul to soul-coming together to share a piece of inner joy with one another. When we are dancing in this context, we are connecting in so many ways-to the music, to each other, and to our very own hearts and souls.  There is no better way to bring communities together in my opinion!  Dancing also helps to bring couples together, whether it’s a new relationship forming, or re-kindling an already existing relationship-a whole other blog can be written about dancing and relationships-after all, relationship IS a dance!



3. Dancing Helps Sports Ability.  This is one most people haven’t realized yet.  In Western culture the mind-set seems to be: If you dance, you don’t play sports, and if you play sports, you don’t dance!  Have a look at some of the best athletes in the world though, and they dance!  Dancing helps with coordination, speed, flexibility, agility, cardio, balance and keeping energy levels up.  If you take latin dancing for example, like salsa and samba, the footwork is very fast and you have to maneuver your partner and yourself very quickly around other people on the dance floor-very similar to having to keep your eye on the ball, puck, and other players while maneuvering yourself across the field, ice or floor.  Let’s ditch the old stereotypes-dancing is for EVERYONE!


4. Dancing Lightens Your Mood.  There are extensive studies around the effects of music on the brain.  When we hear a song we like our body releases endorphines which make us ‘feel good’.  Dancing (physical exercise) enhances that release of endorphines, so you feel ‘extra’ good!  For people who are feeling stressed, or even suffering from depression, dancing can be one of the best natural healers.


5. Dancing Increases Longevity.  This is kind of like all the good reasons for dancing wrapped into one.  People who ‘live happy and healthy’ live longer.  People who take up dancing as an outlet and/or form of exercise tend to stay avoid other means of dealing with life’s problems which may be unhealthy.  In other words, making dancing your ‘habit’ will reduce the chances of you picking up other unhealthy habits, or it may even lead to you dropping some unhealthy habits!  Decreased Stress + Physical Exercise = Longer, Happier Life.


6. Dancing Gets Us In Touch With Our Bodies.  The emphasis of dancing IS on the human body-celebrating the human body and the many different ways it can move!  What’s wonderful is that there are so many different dance styles from all over the world that can speak to the different ways people enjoy moving their bodies.  Even better is that when it comes to self-expression, there really is no right or wrong way to move your body, as long as you are respecting other people’s bodies as well!!


7.  Dancing Boosts Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.  When done properly-that is without expectation of an outcome-dancing can improve our confidence because when we dance we get in touch with our inner being.  It has been said that confidence comes from knowing who we really are.  So if dancing helps us to get in touch with who we really are, it automatically increases our self-esteem.  The key is though, to NOT ‘worry’ about what others think.

images7So there you have it, my personal reasons why dancing is good.  I would love to hear your responses and comments.

Stay Happy.  Stay Healthy.  Keep Dancing!


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