Transforming Our World Through The Arts

5Rhythms Gabrielle Roth Dancing The Wave

This video was found on Silky Hart’s web-site.  Silky is a person I deeply admire, although she doesn’t know it-yet.  She is paving the way for my future career, and I am ever so grateful for her inspiration.  I am also grateful to Gabrielle Roth, and her creation of 5Rhythms.

This past winter a friend and I were sent on a wild adventure.  We knew we were going to go dancing somewhere, but had no idea where.  Through a series of amazing-and not-so-coincidental events, we ended up in Guelph, at a place where they were holding a ‘Groove’ event.  I learned that this event was based on the 5Rhythms dance (flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness).

I will admit, one has to be extremely open-minded to participate in this type of dance class, but we had the time of our lives.  Dancing has always meant FREEDOM to me, more than moving a certain way or learning a routine set of moves (although I do enjoy learning different styles and dance moves as well).

What Gabrielle Roth says in this video is invaluable.  Engaging in any type of art-including dance-will transform you, as you surrender to the calling of your body and soul.  I love how Gabrielle says “Whatever you’re feeling, move with it, breathe into it, and it will change”.

I have first hand experience with this.  Dancing has literally moved me through some of the toughest moments of my life.

Back in February, DancePl3y was not-so-coincidentally introduced into my life.  For me, it is the perfect combination of learning simple moves and then letting yourself move them YOUR way.  In an off-hand sort of way, it blends the concept of 5Rhythms with dancing simple moves, so it’s a little more structured for those who aren’t comfortable getting into their bodies quite yet.

So let yourself FEEL, let yourself be DIFFERENT, honour those feelings and your uniqueness-Dance it! And you will change your life.

Sending Loads of Love,

Monarch Mariposa

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