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LEF Spring Into Wellness Fair

What a wonderful experience I had at the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto! There was entertainment, live workshops, people interacting, mingling and helping each other out and lots of fabulous exhibitors.  My favourite part was having people come and interact at my exhibit to make a collaborative mandala.  Watching people ‘let go’ and get into their creations was heart-warming.  In fact, I almost cried watching the smaller children create.  What happens to our sense of play as we get older????!!!!  I did not take pictures of the people, however, out of respect for their privacy.  I got a couple of shots of the mandala being made, but not of the final!!!!! The kind people at LEF kept it though, to display at their facility.  Blessed, Blessed.  In so many ways I am blessed.  Truly grateful for this opportUNITY!

The Magic of Mandalas

The Magic of Mandalas.

The Magic of Mandalas

Although I was technically introduced to Mandalas quite a few years ago, it is only recently that I have become enthralled with them and their magical, mystical healing power.  It’s funny how the universe persists though.  If you are truly meant to experience something the universe will deliver it to you again and again until you become open to it. These are the things in life that I love..those things that you really can’t find the answer to; they just ‘are’. (I suppose when it comes down to it, everything just ‘is’!)

And so it is with my discovery of mandalas.  I can remember the first time I ever saw one was when a teacher at my school was doing something with them.  I can still picture her running them off in the photocopy room. She may have even given me one or two to copy myself if I wanted. (Don’t know if I did).  I recall simply thinking ‘hm’.

The next time I used mandalas was for an introductory activity to the school year, as a way for the students to introduce themselves.  I somehow remembered them from the teacher who had previously introduced them to me. I had to do some research to find out what they were really all about….and even then, I didn’t quite ‘get it’.

I have used mandalas quite a few more times in my teaching since then (a few times this year alone come to think of it), and the more experience I had with them, the more I appreciated not only their beauty, but the deeper spiritual meaning and their potential for transforming one’s life. 

Since my first introduction to mandalas, I have created some paper ones and some out of clay (Images in my photo gallery), and I have acquired a few books on the subject.  I have now built up a fascination with mandalas, and I would like to share this passion with you.  Mandalas are paradoxical in the sense that they are simple, and yet complex.  In simple terms, a mandala is a circle with a centre point.  But the essence of mandalas is soooooo much more complex, built up of layers of meaningful symbolism and imagery.  These layers are created by reaching deep within our unconscious mind to reveal the messages of our soul.  Because their complexity can be overwhelming, I have decided to introduce mandalas slowly on my blog.  Check out ‘Mandalas 101’ on the menu bar for a basic, brief introduction to mandalas.  Who knows, maybe one day this will be the beginning point of your own personal journey with this wonderful art form…

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