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Today I had the opportunity to learn about choices and stress. It was my 'day off'. The day where I was not OBLIGATED to report to work. And yet I found myself swirling in a stress ball of overwhelm, despite a ton of Social Media support via quotes about taking control of my life and doing things that are fabulous for my health. You see, despite having a day off, I am still building a business and raising two gorgeous children and well, it's Christmas. So there's kind of a lot on my plate, coupled with the fact that part of me just wants to create and have fun and just 'be'. Sigh...what's a Fairie to do? 

Well, I knew one thing-I was not going to waste my day contemplating! Luckily, the night before I had listened to a meditation on decision making and the importance of being still as the key to making clear decisions. 

So i stayed still, and I prayed. Unfortunately I didn't stay still long enough though, and in a slight panic I started to push against the grain rather than going with the flow. Not a nice feeling. I could feel the worry tightening my chest. Negative thoughts bombarded my peace. I needed a wake up call. 

And then I got it. I looked once more at my Social Media, because I have learned to ONLY allow positive things on Social Media, so every time I turn it on I see positive, uplifting messages. And there was the one I needed. It read:

Busy is a choice.
Stress is a choice.
Joy is a choice.

And that was it. Right then and there I knew that for the rest of the day, if I CHOSE to make it busy, I could not complain about it later. If I CHOSE to stress about everything, I couldn't complain about it later. If I CHOSE Joy, well, that would be awesome! 

From that point on all of my decisions were based on 1. Whether I was creating business for myself, and 2. Whether the task was bringing me joy. And from that point on I accomplished what I needed to in a relaxed state and I had some wonderful and even miraculous interactions while I did it. I met all kinds of nice people, had great conversations, and even had some inspiration for fun, meaningful Christmas gifts and activities. 

So if you're allowing yourself to get caught up in all of the craziness, and you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, remember those three simple sentences above, and also remember:

1. Take time to be still before you make any decisions.
2. Make your decisions based on what would bring you JOY. What FEELS INSPIRING?
3. TRUST and have faith that you are being guided in the right direction. 
4. TRUST that feeling in your gut, and go with what feels right. Do a body scan/check in. Are you feeling any resistance to the activity you are engaging in or the choice you are making?If so, it is probably a 'no'. There is no point in forcing something to happen because you feel like it HAS to get done. Wait for the moment when you feel INSPIRED to get it done. Otherwise you are just creating a lot of stress and negativity in your life which you will be spreading to the people around you.

You are loved. Everything is okay. Worry does not help you. Take some deep breaths. Things will get done. Might as well get them done in a happy state. 

Sending Loads of Love,


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