Transforming Our World Through The Arts


Lately I’ve been going through some ‘struggles’-as we all do.  In my search for Inner Peace, I was reminded by some of the world’s most inspiring individuals (Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Pema Chodren) that being grateful, no matter what your situation, is one of the best ways to invite Positive back into our lives, and find our way back to Inner Peace.

As I was walking to the store to buy some food, I looked down and saw this oil spill in the shape of a heart- a small reminder that beauty IS everywhere if we just stop and look around.

Here are some ways I have created and/or come across that You can develop daily gratitude in your life:

5 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude:

1.  Take pictures of everything you are grateful for.  Dedicate a day to putting that iphone to good use.  Look for the obvious things, the small things, and surprises! (Like my image above).

2. Find a ‘Gratitude Rock’.  This idea came from the film “The Secret”.  Find a small rock that you can put beside your bed as a reminder to be grateful when you wake up in the morning.  You can even carry the rock in your pocket, if you can remember to take it out before laundry day!

3. Make a Gratitude Rock!  Find a larger rock, and paint, write with a marker, collage or create a combo of things you are grateful for-on the rock.  Hmmm….you COULD do this frequently and have a GRATITUDE ROCK GARDEN!!! (Creative Idea Alert!)

4. Make a Gratitude Journal.  This can be a writing journal, where you create daily lists (I used to have my students do this at the end of each school day-‘3 things I’m grateful for’), or if you are visual, it can be in the form of an art journal-you don’t have to be an artist-doodles will do-it is YOUR journal!)

5. Create a Collage. Find pictures and/or words of things you are grateful for, cut or tear them out, and create a collage that you can add to every day-even if it’s just one or two a day.  Easy Peasy.





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