Transforming Our World Through The Arts

Perfect Timing

Ummm…we can really learn a lot from the younger generation! I love how the life lessons I have been learning throughout my thirties are being articulated by (I’m guessing) 20-something year old, ‘Bubz”.  At first my thoughts/beliefs were ‘I don’t really want to listen to this girl talk about herself…what could I possibly gain from this?’.  However, as the saying goes, you never know until you try.  As I watched, I found myself making all kinds of connections to what ‘Bubz’ was saying, which ultimately made me feel validated.  It also brought about an awareness that as we learn life’s lessons, as important as they are, they can be easy to forget!  I appreciated the gentle reminders I received from this video.  Most of all, I think I was grateful for the awareness that we all learn life’s lessons at different times, and whatever time we learn our lessons is the RIGHT time for us!  It is NEVER too late to create the happiness in our lives that we have always dreamed of.  Thank you Bubz!!

Sending rays of LOVE,



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