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I don’t know who the original quote is from, but in a discussion with a friend of mine about forgiveness, anger, and resentment she quoted these brilliant words:

“Bitterness is like drinking a glass of poison and expecting your enemy (ies) to die.”

Effective visual!

It does not serve a human to hang on to angry and resentful feelings towards others. The other party will just go on with their merry lives and the bitter person is the one who suffers.

I still have some learning to do about forgiveness myself (okay…LOTS of learning, and practicing!!) The thing that helps me the most is remembering that everyone has a story. A build up of experiences from the past (possibly other lives even?) can lead a person to do irrational and hurtful things.

It is also helpful to remember that forgiving someone doesn’t let them ‘off the hook’. It is not our responsibility to right other peoples’ wrongs by holding them hostage to our anger. Trust that the Universe will put things right again.

Forgiveness doesn’t come easy, but YOU are worth it!

Flying On Wings of Love,


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