Transforming Our World Through The Arts


Yesterday I had a strong desire to do some lines or pointillism. I wasn’t sure what I wanted my subject to be, but I knew I wanted it to be ‘meaningful’; ‘deep’; ‘important’. My mind wandered to ‘women’, so I was looking through some of my books, but nothing was quite capturing my thoughts. And then it came…Whitney Houston. Whitney was one of the most powerful, beautiful, influential women to walk this earth.  Her songs spread positive messages to women of all ages, races and abilities. She showed us the beauty of femininity, and how women need to stick together and follow their dreams.  Thank you for your inspiration Whitney.  Your music and messages will continue to touch the hearts and souls of many generations to come. This is the second pointillism piece I’ve done, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 10 and a half hours it took for me to complete this. Enjoy. She’s one in a million.

Shine, Whitney, Shine!


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